We do not believe in coincidences.

While setting the goal, 

we take actions to meet it.

We know our strengths 

and recognize new opportunities.

But above all, we make shirts.

Simply good men’s shirts.

Would you like to meet us?

break the code

Tyxo czyli kto

Trzech facetów i jedna kobieta, specjaliści z różnych dziedzin na styku biznesu, programowania, designu i architektury. Jeszcze trzy lata temu byliśmy spoza świata mody, ale też na co dzień chodzimy w koszulach, głowimy się nad rozmiarówką i szukamy dobrej jakości, najlepiej bez wychodzenia z domu. Tak powstało TYXO. Koncept, do którego wnieśliśmy własne potrzeby i doświadczenia zakupowe wsparte nauką i technologią. I mamy to.


made to measure

In TYXO we make it clear - you cannot sew a shirt to be perfect for everyone, but each shirt can be sewn to be perfect for you. All we need is to measure its future owner properly.


All our shirts are created using the Made To Measure technique, and the measuring tape is replaced by the latest technology. This gives us the certainty that the shirt that you order from us, is going to be the best fit in your collection of shirts.


100 identical shirts look best on 100 mannequins

our way, your way

Suitable length of the sleeves and a too tight collar? Good fit, but not your colour?

We also used to think that we had to accept this.

And then we began sewing our shirts.


By creating TYXO we want to share the sense of freedom that accompanies us while selecting the new fabrics, details and cuts. We know that our customers know themselves best, who they are and how they want to show it. We give space to do it your own way.

Classy, sometimes across the conventions,

but always of the highest quality.

The fastest
measuring tape
on your mobile phone!